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The F-A-S-C-I-N-A-T-E Process

In her book Evidence Explained, genealogist and author Elizabeth Shown Mills developed the “FAN Principle” describing cluster research: being attentive to an ancestor's Friends, Associates, Neighbors, for a community context.

Displacements due to war, capture, slavery, and expulsions typically don’t come with a lot of records.  The FASCINATE process was developed to assist in overcoming these barriers to research.  See this site's blog.

The Seven Ships

From May 10 to October 19, 1785, seven ships - commissioned by King Carlos III of Spain - set sail with Acadians exiled in France since the 1755-63 Le Grand Dérangement from present-day Atlantic Canada.  To colonize the then-Spanish territory of Louisiana, Carlos provided transport, land, and subsidies to this group of beleaguered people.


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