• Tara Heusé Kenyon

The Real Evangeline

Finding Cécile is designed around a genealogical passion that quickly became an obsession. What started as a casual look into generations - my generations - of Acadians to complete a decorative family tree for my parents became a fevered search for everything related to discovery of the identity of this single woman. In so doing, I stumbled upon the story of the Acadian people, a group caught in the conflict between England and France in the 18th Century. Longfellow's most famous poem Evangeline is the fictitious and historically inaccurate depiction of a young woman caught up in the 1755-1758 Expulsion of the Acadians from L'Acadie - what is now Canada's Atlantic Provinces. Cécile's story, along with those of her 13,000 fellow deportées, properly tells the tale.

#genealogy #acadian #cajun #diaspora

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