Finding Cécile is a website designed around a genealogical passion to find ways in which to find ancestry information for displaced persons.  Displacements due to war, capture, slavery, and expulsions typically don’t come with a lot of records.  And if they existed at one time, chances are good that they are lost.  Although we start with the Acadian people, techniques are developed to find others carried away from their homelands.  Join us in exploring hard-to-find ancestors.  You might just find a bit of yourself along the way.

Our Bloggers

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Tara Heusé Kenyon
Founder and Principal

Tara is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  She is a Louisiana Acadian ("Cajun"), tracing her roots to those caught up in the 18th Century Expulsion from Atlantic Canada.

Tara is also "on the clock" regarding her professional genealogist certification with the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

Finding Cécile is designed around a genealogical passion that quickly became an obsession.  What started as a casual look into generations - my generations - of Acadians to complete a decorative family tree, became a fevered search for everything related to discovering the identity of a single woman:  Cécile Bourg, my 5 times great grandmother.  In so doing, I stumbled upon the story of the Acadian people, a group caught in one of the many conflicts between England and France in the 18th Century.  Longfellow's most famous poem Evangeline is the fictitious and historically inaccurate depiction of a young woman caught up in the 1755-1758 Expulsion of the Acadians from L'Acadie - what is now Canada's Atlantic Provinces.  Cécile's story, along with those of her 13,000 fellow deportées, properly tells the tale.